ScribbleMP - WLAN painting chat for iPhone

ScribbleMP is a drawing application, where you doodle with your fingers on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
However, the "MP" stands for "multi player", thus, everyone on your local LAN that also runs this app can draw on the same screen, too.

In the options you can enable a "Chat mode" which only transfers images to other iPods and iPhones when you touch the submit button. You also have an optional picture gallery at the bottom of the screen, so you can work on a comic strip with friends.

Shake your device to clear the current screen.

Touch an image in the history and pull it down to delete it.

You can think of a thousand uses for this app, like:

  • party game: Silent Artist / Pictionary
  • secret spy messages
  • have a draw-a-comic-party

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